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Congratulations Kurries & Steaks

Rachel and Karol (Founder member from our first ever event) have had a great night at Kurries & Steaks tonight celebrating the 6th year of business. Congratulations Shri and the rest of the team!


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This week’s blog is dedicated to the ‘Meat Heroes’, these are the people who continually support us both behind the scene and when we are in the public eye, without them the ‘Ballakelly Farm’

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Farmer Al’s Weekly Blog

Ballakelly Sheep Dogs

Sunday was the 8 week birthday for our two Puppies Peggy & Gem

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Farmer Al’s Weekly Blog

Family & Friends

Hi everyone

This week’s blog is going to be short and sweet just like me!

Unfortunately, Ballakelly and the team = Me & Rach, are struggling at the minute so it is with great

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Farmer Al’s Weekly Blog

Bongo Drums Game!

Hover over the image to see if it is true or not!


Click on the image to see if

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