Farmer Al’s Weekly Blog

Welcome to the new Butcher!

Hi all, Farmer Al back this week, I’ve given Porkchop the week off writing the blog!

If you’ve been up the farm lately buying some of my delicious meat or just popping round for

  Farmer Al    January 27, 2019    0

Hi there! I’m Porkchop, one of the Ballakelly meat heroes. Farmer Al is busy this week getting sheds ready for lambing so I’ve been asked to do the blog.

  Porkchop    January 13, 2019    0
Farmer Al’s Weekly Blog

The best of 2018

This is my last blog of 2018! What a year, we have had loads of highs, a few big lows but best of all we have created memories.

To help me write this blog

  Farmer Al    December 31, 2018    0
Farmer Al’s Weekly Blog

Clearing out the Attic

This week’s blog is short and sweet – just like me!

I am busy clearing out the Attic at Ballakelly, it has been a storage place for my family’s ‘things’ for over 100 years,

  Farmer Al    December 2, 2018    0

Fed up does not come close to how I feel this week, as Tinky would say: in true farm yard language:


This week I feel numb by the way a

  Farmer Al    November 26, 2018    0