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Farmer Al’s Weekly Blog

Clearing out the Attic

This week’s blog is short and sweet – just like me!

I am busy clearing out the Attic at Ballakelly, it has been a storage place for my family’s ‘things’ for over 100 years,

  Farmer Al    December 2, 2018    0

Fed up does not come close to how I feel this week, as Tinky would say: in true farm yard language:


This week I feel numb by the way a

  Farmer Al    November 26, 2018    0
Farmer Al’s Weekly Blog

Time away from Ballakelly

The most stressful part of the family holiday is getting off the farm. Rachel is great at packing, so I let her sort that, my job is to get the car loaded!

Once I

  Farmer Al    November 18, 2018    0
Farmer Al’s Weekly Blog

Website & Social Media

Hello, I’m Callum Staley, friends with Al and Rachel, who designs & manages the Ballakelly Farm Website & Social Media! Al & Rach have asked me to do a guest blog for them this

  Callum Staley    November 11, 2018    0

Hello Everyone, I am Shri. Owner or Kurries & Steaks and friend’s with Rachel and Alan. 

I met Rachel as she and her dad used to visit Kurries & Steaks since the day

  Callum Staley    October 21, 2018    0