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Farmer Al’s Weekly Blog

Family & Friends

Hi everyone

This week’s blog is going to be short and sweet just like me!

Unfortunately, Ballakelly and the team = Me & Rach, are struggling at the minute so it is with great

  Farmer Al    July 21, 2019    0
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Farmer Al’s Weekly Blog

Bongo Drums Game!

Hover over the image to see if it is true or not!


Click on the image to see if

  Farmer Al    July 4, 2019    0
Farmer Al’s Weekly Blog

A visit from the vets!

Hi everyone! This is Nic and Kalia and we are both 3rd year vet students in Edinburgh. Last week, we had the opportunity to stay at the Ballakelly farm for 5 days to gain

  Farmer Al    June 30, 2019    0
Farmer Al’s Weekly Blog

The blog is back!

Hey there!

Due to popular demand the Blog is back!!

Apologise for the silence, after lambing I had a 6 week sabbatical from social media to gather my thoughts. Only took a

  Farmer Al    June 16, 2019    0
Farmer Al’s Weekly Blog

Lambing 2019 coming to an end …

Hey there hope you are all well,

Lambing 2019 is drawing to a close. I have really enjoyed it this year. Last night when I was sat having my brew at 3am my blog topic

  Farmer Al    March 24, 2019    0