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  • Farmer Al
    Jennie Costain
    July 18, 2018

    I literally had the best childhood growing up on a farm and whenever I can I revert back to that child and play/help on farms. There wasn’t one bit I hated. Dad used to not wake me during lambing, and I moved my bed so I could see him getting up, by the time he was downstairs I was in the truck with wellies and overalls on ready for the middle of the night rounds. Hay bailing, shearing, all favorites. I was always in charge of meg lambs, Dad used to accuse me of stealing them from the mums as we had so many but I looked after them solely, before and after school. Playing out with the kids from surrounding housing, tip, hide & seek. Before multi channel TV, before mobile phones. I used to shout to Dad to see where he was, he’d trundle back to the farm from the far field thinking there was an emergency, but I just wanted to see where he was and jumped on the tractor to join him. Non-sanitised play, long road trips on tractor and trailer delivering hay bails, clinging on to the bails to ensure we didn’t get brushed off by a tree (not sure you could get away with this now). Serious lessons learned as you say about where your food comes from, life and death, and everything in between. I am genuinely sorry if kids haven’t had my upbringing. All my cousins and friends who grew up around the farm are just as nostalgic. My other half is now working on a farm so I hope to get back to it a bit more, and possibly get something up and running of my own. I am jealous of your life, I’d give up everything to go back to that. Brilliant life, and your kids will be as nostalgic as us when they are grown up too.

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