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Ballakelly 2019!

Ballakelly Farm 2019

What a year!!! Thanks Callum, for the photos to help us all remember.

The big question that the team have been discussing over the holidays: ‘Do we carry on with ‘Ballakelly’

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Hey there!

Sorry I have not been blogging for a few weeks, things on the farm were crazy busy in October.

The big event being the Hop Tu Naa Open Day, amazing day thanks

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Thursday 10 October was World Mental Health Day, so I thought I would share my own mental day:

I was listening to Radio 2 in the tractor, they were discussing the signs of a burn out, in particular for men, for the first time since dad died I sat there

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Farmer Al’s Weekly Blog

Carbon Footprint Game

Hover over the image to see the answer!


Click on the image to see the answer!

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Farmer Al’s Weekly Blog

Billy B250

Now this tractor warrants his own Blog!!!

Dusty may think he turned me green but Ballakelly will always be red at heart!

Please welcome ‘Billy’ the tractor to social media– International B250

Billy he

  Farmer Al    September 23, 2019    0