Bongo Drums

OMG I have had heard a lot of bongo drums this last week – for those of you who do not have a clue what I am talking about or do not live on the rock, these are the skeet (gossip) drums that beat in the Isle of Man.

Dad loved the skeet, but always told me:

Believe half of what you see and nothing of what you hear

But he also used to tell Rachel

What they don’t know they will only make up

This week the bongo drums have been deafening at Ballakelly Farm.

The final straw was when someone hugged me in the village shop and said they were sorry to hear that I was selling Ballakelly and Rachel was off to live in Canada!!!!

I was so stunned I just laughed paid for my bread and drove home. I ran in to check Rachel wasn’t selling our home and using the proceeds to move to Canada as Dad also told me there was never smoke without fire!

I was relieved to walk into the office to find Rachel with 2 puppies filling in a spreadsheet.

I told her what happened, she laughed, turned around and said “if I was really going to do that the last person to hear would be the bongo drums!!!” She always tells me off if I gossip about other people’s business and says focus on your own game, but this time it was about my game, so I decided to not hold my cards so close to my chest and explain my hand:

I hope you all played the game:

Harvey – Didn’t feel like sports day this year so he went splish splash (swimming) with the big kids and loved it

Tinky – is loving her gymnastics however enjoys living at Ballakelly too much to go to uni yet

Ballakelly………FFS not on the market this is our home

Ballasteen………FFS not been bought, not been kicked out, was cutting the hay on it today

Rachel………I do know how this beat started, could have let you have this one, Rachel ‘joked’ she was emigrating to Canada while discussing a marketing idea for Ballakelly on a course at DEFA.

Tom – The only one that no one asked me about was true!!! Tom, the butcher, has left the Ballakelly team, we will all miss him and wish him all the best in his new job.

The short notice that we no longer have a butcher has left Rachel and I with the challenge to decide how we progress with Ballakelly. Please be assured that in true Meat Hero style we have rolled up our sleeves and did what had to be done.

One thing this last 5 years has taught me is when one door shuts another one opens – anyone who enjoys butchery then please get in touch as I prefer fencing!!

I do feel better for sharing my thoughts with you all and I hope you can spread the good news that the Ballakelly Team is still here to fight another day so please can you do what you all do best and support us through the next few weeks until we work out the new business plan.

Please note that we have 4 events this weekend so if we don’t respond to a message we have not left the farm for ever, come and find us in the tent at Tynwald day we will be serving:

The rest of the team are catering at 2 weddings and a birthday party!

Please also note that Rachel and I are going away without the monkeys on the 12-15, TO A WEDDING.

  • the shop will be closed,
  • there are no deliveries,
  • we have changed our phones and only ma ma ranson has the numbers

 but don’t worry we will be back, ready to make burgers and sausages for the southern show.

Promo code 50% off farmer al’s 100% Manx pork sausage – BONGO quick while the stocks last!!!