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  • Farmer Al
    Geoff craggs
    July 21, 2019

    Hi AL , was very touched by your blog and the reality of farming , the pressures , workwise, financially , physically and above all mentally , as farmers we are tougher than most but we are still human , your doing the right thing working to live idea , it’s hard in our mindset we are all grafters and feel guilty when we are not working but we have to take time out, I’ve started taking more me time because life is to short not to , even if it’s a afternoon for a few hrs to get away from it ,
    Your very lucky to have a good wife to support you in good times but more so in the hard times , just someone to put your thoughts to ,
    Good friends are hard to come by especially ones to trust
    Keep your head up fella and I wish you all the best and Rachael to , and if you ever want a friend to chat your welcome on my yard anytime
    Geoff , Grest farm

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