Fillet Steak – 2 x 6oz


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About Our Cows

The Ballakelly cow is a blend of continental breeds Charolais and Limousin, sired with well-known breed, Aberdeen Angus bulls. In the interests of a happy cow, medium-sized Angus breeds cows of manageable weights for the mothers. The Angus also introduces a natural sturdiness and a coat and hide evolved for the Manx climate. The Ballakelly cow is well-suited for rotating about the farm, and it does exactly this, as much as possible, on acres of open spring and summer pasture. Our cattle run in groups of around 30 – we have worked out that this is an ideal number for producing content, well socialised cows. All our beef is 100% grass fed, without exception. At Ballak For up to 24 months, our cows eat grass, herbs and flowers on our acres of rain and sun-nourished meadow. For the next four to six months, they eat home-grown cereals blended with peas for additional protein. Our regenerative grazing techniques, and emphasis on growing the grains we feed our animals, significantly offset the methane emissions of the Ballakelly cow (if challenged, do we have the source of this claim on-hand?). Happy cows that are grazing have muscles that are developed in all the right ways. It means cuts of beef that are traditional and proper in their structure, size and fat content. The Angus lineage in our cows provides beautiful marbling, tenderness and fulsome flavour, and the natural grass diet enlivens full-bodied richness while increasing the vitamin content. We age our beef by traditional humidity-controlling techniques to elevate it even further. The process of dry aging significantly enhances texture and taste, for genuinely outstanding depth and melting softness. It takes time – four weeks, generally – but we think it’s worth it.