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Well! What can we say about the last 4 months?? …in a word? ROLLERCOASTER!

We have had tremendous highs of new team members and the isolation of others, the farm family pulling together yet

  Farmer Al    July 16, 2020    0
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Mutton?! Are you joking!?


This we have a guess blogger, one of newest meat hero team members 

Before you read what she has to say about Mutton let me explain the difference between Spring Lamb, Hogget and Mutton. This is a question often discussed in our butchery room with customers.
For easy

  Farmer Al    June 14, 2020    0
Farmer Al’s Weekly Blog

Inspiring the next generation!

This week we received a lovely email from Resa, for her home school work she had to learn something about Manx produce and chose to learn more about Ballakelly. She has created a brochure

  Callum Staley    May 24, 2020    0
Farmer Al’s Weekly Blog

We need your valuable feedback!

Hi guys I hope you are all OK, big smelly farm hugs from me and the team.

Wow!! What a world we are currently living in, I am a key worker!

Not much has change for me, I don’t like to leave the farm so it has suited me to

  Farmer Al    April 19, 2020    0
Farmer Al’s Weekly Blog

Farm Al’s Wooley Quiz

This week it has been all about sheep at Ballakelly.

We had the first of the pedigree batch lamb, we scanned the commercial sheep to get them on the correct diet plans ready for

  Farmer Al    February 2, 2020    0